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Svarga is the BIGGEST and the MOST FULLY EQUIPPED Pilates-Yoga studio in Indonesia!

A leader in human movement area, Svarga offer clients highly educated teachers and therapists who are specialized in human functional anatomy and biomechanics to provide the best source of insight to clients own body. Svarga not just happens to be a studio that sells movements- It is what they are! They would like to share this with you, make you look great and most importantly feel great about yourself!

Services for holistic health:

– Intelligent Exercises
Pilates (private and group classes), Antigravity(R) Yoga, FIRe Hot Yoga, Pilates TRX

– Sanctuary Spa
Therapeutic Massage, Scrub, Reflexology

– Intelligent Postural Therapy
specialized in postural problems, scoliosis, lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain, post-surgery, high heels treatment, slimming program, face lift, etc.

Ambiance at centres are designed to provide clients with a relaxed and calm environment but fun and energizing at the same time.


1. Jl. Karang sari no. 12 (Setiabudhi district), Bandung [Centre]

2. Jl. Mekar wangi no. 2 (Mekar puspita), Bandung [Branch]

3. Dharmawangsa Square, Jl Dharmawangsa VI, lantai 2, Jakarta Selatan


+62 22-204 3322 (Bandung)
+62 812 933 70075 (Jakarta)

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