Bowen Therapy

The Bowen Technique is one of the most versatile and effective therapeutic treatments available today. Its ability to re-align and balance the body means it is effective for most conditions.

A treatment consists of a series of gentle moves on skin or through light clothing, with the client usually lying on a bed or treatment couch, although it is possible to be treated seated. A session usually lasts up to an hour and frequently results in a deep sense of relaxation, allowing the body to recharge and balance itself.

The original Bowen Technique is extremely gentle and is considered appropriate for anyone from pregnant women to new born babies,the frail and the elderly.
It can assist recovery from many conditions, from traumatic injury to chronic illness, depending upon each individual’s capacity to heal. No adverse side effects have been reported.

What can You use Bowtech for?

Back pain and sciatica
Digestive and bowel problems including IBS
Ear ache,ear infections and migraines
Fibromyalgia,chronic fatigue syndrome
Knee,ankle and foot problems
Menstrual and hormonal irregularities
Neck/shoulder problems including frozen shoulder
Groin pain,pelvic tilt and uneven leg length
Respiratory problems and hay fever
RSI,carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow

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